Trailers: The Horror Comedy 6:66 PM

This is a trailer for the horror comedy 6:66 PM.  

It was directed by Jim Klock (Scream Queens), written by Tommy McLaughlin and Chad Ridgely (Massacre on Aisle 12), and stars Chad Ridgely, Autumn Federici (Haunting of the Innocent), Alexis Kelly, Robin F. Baker and many others. It recently won Best Comedy Feature at the Buffalo Dream Film Festival. It is out now on VOD, with a DVD release planned. Check out the synopsis and trailer below. 

"A team of television ghost hunters gets more than they bargained for. The house, they are pretending is haunted, turns out to be occupied by the evil spirit of an insane serial killer. Their scripted reality show goes hilariously haywire as the demon fights to take possession of their bodies. But can they make it out alive? Only time will tell in this silly case of spooky shenanigans where the body count keeps rising and so do the undead."