Trailers: Something Else Is On Board The Thriller The Ninth Passenger

The is a trailer for The Ninth Passenger

The thriller was written by Corey Large and Steve Albert, directed by Ian Pfaff, and stars Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die), Alexia Fast (Jack Reacher), Tom Maden (Scream: The TV Series), Veronica Dunne (K.C. Undercover), Sabina Gadecki (Entourage), Corey Large (Heist, It Follows), David Hennessey (The Girl Who Invented Kissing), Cinta Kiehl (After the Dark), Timothy V Murphy (The Lone Ranger). There is no official release date at this time. Check out the synopsis and trailer below. 

The Ninth Passenger follows a spontaneous midnight sea voyage by a group of partying college students. There are eight people aboard the luxury yacht, owned by an evil biotechnology CEO who’s the father of one of the passengers. Another on board is a mechanic who’s quickly embroiled in a trip he’d rather not take since his job entails ulterior motives. The trip goes sideways when they drift to a dark island and both their engine and radio fail. At the same time, ‘something’ sneaks onto the yacht — the ninth passenger. Some of the crew go to the island looking for help but instead find that it is home to a vicious creature. Just a few make it back to the yacht only to discover grisly havoc. In the end, two are left, and when a “rescue” boat comes, we discover that the mechanic was working for a rival company the whole time. But instead of getting paid, he and the other passenger are left for dead, drifting alone in the vast ocean…until something breaks the surface heading straight for them."