Videos: The Arthouse Horror Short Film The Temple Of Lilith

This is the arthouse horror short film The Temple of Lilith, from Sodom & Chimera Productions.

After an exciting festival run for their first feature Flesh of the Void, they have unveiled this new short to the public. The latest from experimental filmmaker James Quinn, it stars Hex Suicide from the Suicide Girls, and was shot on 16mm film. The score was created by Stephan Ortlepp's musical collective Musica Non Grata, who previously composed the score for Flesh of the Void. It also features music by the Canadian Doom Metal band Dopethrone. The Temple of Lilith is a companion piece to Sulphur for Leviathan , a 13 minute arthouse film that will released in 2018. Check out the synopsis and short film below. 

“After the last witch of the south became ashes, never to be remembered, the mother of darkness, Lilith, rises from the ground to harvest the fruits of deadly sin, and set an end to the holocaust of the saints, the religious pandemic that tried to enslave and ultimately annihilate her kind. Planting the seeds of the goat into her skull, she goes her way, on a quest of darkness, to open the gates of hell, become one with the lord of flies.”