Videos: Oats Studios Returns With Praetoria

Oats Studios has released what appears to be some sort of teaser for a project titled Praetoria. The only information that was provided with the video is that:

"Praetoria is a huge galactic story by Oats Studios. This is us testing the water."

It is another short film for Neill Blomkamp's experimental film project that is titled Oats Studios, which has been releasing a series of very impressive experimental short films. This one runs just under three minutes, but there are others available to view that run around thirty minutes. They can all be watched for free on their YouTube page, while the lengthy short films can be purchased as downloadable files on Steam. The shorts will function as test concepts for potential feature length films, or episodic series. They currently have several download packages to purchase that contain the short films, concept art, and 3D assets. Purchasing the films and content from Steam enables them to develop these short films into potential features without the assistance of a major film studio. Check out the video below.