Artist Spotlight: A Collection Of Art Featuring Marvel, DC, Game Of Thrones, Mad Max And Other Pop Culture Characters From Artist Jordan Beecham

Colorado based artist Jordan Beecham brings a detailed style to his drawings that blends fine art with comic books and pop culture. The characters featured in his paintings cross a wide range of popular movies, television, and comic book properties that includes Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, Mad Max, and many more. Check out his bio, several interview questions and more images below. You can visit his website and Instagram to check out more of his work or purchase original art or request commissions. 

"Starting at a young age I found joy in the activity of drawing. As early as the second grade I remember getting into trouble for drawing during class! That joy flourished into a passion that stuck with me through grade school. By the time I graduated high school I had taken an advanced placement course in which my focus was painting, as well as illustrated my own comic book that was used in an English course. While looking for possible art schools to further my education I found Savannah College of art and design. I graduated with a BFA in sequential art, the study of storytelling through images. 

I graduated from SCAD in 2014 I moved from Georgia to Louisiana. I was in Louisiana for around 4 months when I responded to an ad on Craigslist for someone to draw fashion sketches for a film. I was initially told that the job had been filled. I was later contacted and told that the other person really didn’t know how to draw. I met with the prop master of the film called 10 Cloverfield Lane, she liked what I was able to bring to the project so I was contracted to draw up some sketches that would be seen in the film. My opportunity on 10 Cloverfield Lane led to another opportunity to work as a property assistant on a Disney TV movie called My Invisible Sister

Around October 2016 I started my Instagram page with the intent of building a great online portfolio which in a lot of ways is an artist’s resume. Over the last 13 months Ive grown my following from 0 to just over 10,000 followers, as well as receiving commissions from as far away as the UK. I continue to explore my ability and see where my passion takes me." 

TMS: How Did you get to where you are as an artist? 

JB: I think the best answer to that question would desire is what got me to where I am as an artist today. I had a desire at a young age to draw, I’m not exactly sure when the first time I drew was. I remember fondly getting into trouble for drawing in class for what ever the reason that took up my attention in my other classes. Where I grew up I was fortunate enough to have an art program in all my schools. Education would be the other main reason that I have an understanding for art. I took every opportunity I had to learn more about art while also creating it in class without getting into trouble. After high school I attended art school in Savannah College of art and design it was there I honed my skills at figure drawing, though I believe you never stop learning. 

TMS: Is this your first art Showcase? 

JB: I look at my showing on December 23 as my first real showcase. I have had my work on display in the classroom setting. I consider this showcase to be my first real one. 

TMS: What was it like having your work included in a Hollywood movie (10 Cloverfield Lane) and how did you get that opportunity?

JB: You know honestly it was pretty surreal at the time I mean it was like it wasn’t real, and I think that has everything to do with the second part of your question. How I got the opportunity well believe it or not I got the job through Craigslist. Actually at first I didn’t get the job I received a response back from my email saying the job was filled. Weeks later a prop master by the name of Janna Roach contacted me. I meet up with Janna under the impression that this was some student film. I come to find out that she worked on some huge films and TV, The Twilight saga, True detective, Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys. I have to give all the credit to her I mean she had me hooked after the first meeting I was working on the drawings as quickly as I could I was taught the importance of meeting deadlines and I was eager to please. To answer the Question of what It was like to see my drawings on the big screen it nothing short of a dream come true. 

TMS: Who or what inspires you? 

JB: I think other people’s success inspires me. I see all these talented artists on Social media and I think what can I contribute to this melding pot of passion and creativity. I mean it really is an amazing time for art, I look on Instagram and I’ll see so many artists with their own style, and some that have similar accounts to other people. This network of creatives inspires me to explore what I think can make an image stand out, to make a portrait something a little more than just a picture of someone’s face. Just yesterday I was looking at a fellow artists’ account who was from Brazil and she had post that was really helpful in creating a hair texture it was a technique I had never seen or used before that inspires me to keep trying new things explore. 

TMS:  Do you have any advice for aspiring artists or creatives? 

JB: I see young people now making art accounts as early as 14 years old and I think that is a great thing because I’ve found that people like to see someone’s progression as an artist. They go “hey wow look at that in just 2 years that person got so good maybe if I just stick with it and push myself I can get better too.” I would also say that the most important thing about being a good artist is to develop your eye to see when things are off. If your eye for what you are looking at isn’t objectively true, your representation of the real world in a 2-dimensional form will be off. My last piece of advice and I learned this the hard way, and this is what an artist will spend 90% of his/her time doing, and that’s creating the art, It has to be fun. Creating the art can’t become a choir it has to be something you like doing so if you are drawing or working on some subject matter you don’t really care for then schedule your time to where a portion of your time creating goes to something you enjoy working on reward yourself, who says you only have to work on one piece at a time.