New Sci-Fi Releases: Beyond Skyline (2017) Reviewed

Beyond Skyline isn't out until December 15th, but we've seen it via an advanced screener. And damn, we're happy we did. 

Going in with low expectations, we came out wanting even more. This is how sequels should be done. It expands on the thin mythology of the first and builds a much larger story that they can easily expand into more movies. IF this does well, there will be another sequel. 

Throwing tons of different genre ideas into the sci-fi blender, this second film takes us in a brand new direction that's fueled by high speed action, a great cast, spectacular effects, and practical creature design that blows the first out of the water. Featuring Frank Grillo, Bojana Novakovic, and The Raid's Iko Uwais, Beyond Skyline continues the invasion saga with an action infused storyline that doesn't repeat the claustrophobic setting from the first. The sequel trots the globe taking us aboard the alien mothership, dumping our main characters into a new scenario that pits them against a huge batch of baddies that want  human brains for dinner. Unlike the first, the actors are believable and the scope is much bigger. Injecting the martial arts talents of Uwais is an unexpected gem in the middle of a movie that's already a blast. 

After the abysmal critical and box office failures of the (2010) Skyline, we weren't sure we'd ever see a continuation of the series. Despite some terrible plot elements and acting that lacked the wow factor, there were still some cool ideas in the motion picture. Sadly, the film failed to catch on and sci-fi fans were disappointed with the overall product. With a wide open ending that definitely called for a sequel, low ticket sales and bad reception crippled any chance at seeing what happened next. Now, seven years later, Skyline is back with a part two that mixes hand to hand combat, Guyver-like creature costumes, massive battle sequences, cities burned to cinder, Grillo looking grizzled and pissed, and a solid continuation that picks up mid-invasion L.A.. As the city of angels burns to the ground, a new band of heroes attempts to escape the aliens which leads to a third act that feels like a grander Falling Skies done right. 

Everything about Beyond Skyline is bigger and better. Some might excuse that as a mediocre critique. But in this case, it's absolutely true. Adding some fresh blood into the mix feels right here. Using a new director that works from a script by the original creators of Skyline, this plays like an extended video game sequence that's fresh and fun. The stakes are huge as the alien warships try to purge the planet of human existence and a hybrid human/alien baby takes center stage. Concluding the movie is a scene so epic in scope, Godzilla and Pacific Rim fans will be shouting from the rooftops, "WE WANT MORE!!!".

Beyond Skyline is one of those rare occasions that you go in with low expectations and come out absolutely blown away. Does it all make sense? No. But damn, if ever I had fun during a movie in 2017, this is it. Never taking itself too seriously as it throws all its inspirations at the screen, Beyond Skyline isn't a dud in the slightest. It's a unique sci-fi project that ups the ante of its predecessor in each and every way. How many times can you say that? Probably never.