Box Office News: The Force Is Strong: The Last Jedi's Massive Weekend Haul

The latest film in the newest Star Wars trilogy is obviously going to dominate the box office this weekend. Its Friday numbers were massive even though they might not be up to snuff with the opening days of The Force Awakens. 

The movie was estimated to bring in $200 million between Thursday night showings and its final opening weekend total. As it stands right now, Rian Johnson's foray into the world of the Force brought in $104 million in Friday showings and will now crack somewhere between $216 and $220 million by the end of Sunday night.  The Force Awakens was at $247.9 at the end of its opening weekend. But, sequels rarely do as well as their predecessors.

Show us the money!

No matter what, Star Wars still has legs. Each subsequent release continues to break records and keeps people coming back to the multiplex to see the further adventures of their favorite characters. As reported yesterday, J.J. Abrams has begun work on the upcoming Episode IX which will be released at Christmas 2019.

May the Force be with you. Always.