Images: New Photos For The Upcoming Friday The 13th Fan Film Voorhees

Through the years, we have been treated to some outstanding Friday the 13th fan films, now there is another one on the Crystal Lake horizon titled Voorhees. The film was written by Cody Faulk and Chris Paulshin, is being directed by Cody Faulk, and stars William Bishop, Dan Young, Erica Jones, Alice B, James Masten, and Danielle Sandler. 

Since there are no plans for another official studio film anytime soon, fan films look to be the only source of getting our machete wielding fix. There is no timetable for when Voorhees will be released, the filmmakers are currently shooting as we speak. Hopefully there will be a trailer some time at the beginning of the year. To stay updated, join the Facebook group page. In the meantime, check out some of the photos for the production below.