Images: A Preview For The Comic Turok #5 From Dynamite Entertainment

This is a preview of Turok #5 from Dynamite Entertainment. It features a story from Aubrey Sitterson, Chuck Wendig, and Ray Fawkes; art by Álvaro Sarraseca, Dylan Burnett, and Johnny Desjardins; and cover art from Aaron Lopresti and Álvaro Sarraseca. It is slated to hit the shelves on December 27th. Check out the synopsis and images below. 

 "FEATURING A DOCTOR SPEKTOR BONUS STORY! IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Stop us if you’ve heard this one, there’s a nuclear bomb in a city of fascist lizard people, and two thieves must race to defuse it as a man from out of time and place must fight an evil Saurian Emperor to save his daughter from being eaten. Too bad the Imperator has a hand-picked bodyguard. The last secrets of Turok’s true identity will be revealed! Also: The Sovereigns Part…1? : The battle continues for our heroes as they face a threat from beyond the stars and even further beyond your imagination!"