Images: Sci-Fi Fan Art From Angel Trancon Featuring Star Wars And Aliens

This is a collection of sci-fi fan art from Spanish artist Ángel Trancón featuring Star Wars and Aliens. The graphic illustrator shows off his skills with these badass pieces, many of which would make a great poster. Some of these were part of various ILM department challenges. Check out his bio and the images below.

 “Ángel Trancón is a Graphic Illustrator whose main creations treat many diverse fields such as Science, History, Pop Culture – Pinups being one of his especialities -, and Film Industry Design. He has worked with Web Design Studios, Health entities, marketing companies, and magazines. His visual style could be described as trendy with a vintage touch, always resembling film shots. His clients list includes big names such as: Q- interactiva, Bizak, Edikamed, Salvamento Marítimo, video2brain, Enia Publicidad, Riot Cinema Collective, Iron Sky, and Desperta Ferro Ediciones, among others.”