Images: Sci-Fi Military And Cyborg Concept Art From Mario Stabile

This is a collection of sci-fi art from Spanish artist Mario Stabile. Stabile is a concept designer and character artist, who has worked on many well known gaming titles. They include Law Breakers, Hitman Legacy, Gravitas, among others. You can view more of his art here. Check out the images.  

Stabile Talks about this bionic military prosthesis: “The idea was to create a bionic prosthetic hand wich had room for a human hand with finger amputations, we don't usually see those kind of adaptations for finger amputees so we thought it was a nice take to do. We did some research on how prosthetics works and tried to do a combination of real life+ some scifi trying to make this design more unique and military looking. The top shell hides an epipen injector for the battlefield, by pressing your fist against a surface the system will be activated and will introduce the cartridge into the injector and apply it to the patient. I will probably do an animation for this once I have some spare time.”