Movie Sleuth Exclusives: Apocalypse Road 2: Female Robbery - Trailer, Images, And More

TMS has been given exclusive access to the first promo material for Apocalypse Road 2. Check it all out right here.

Brett Bentman's Apocalypse Road just hit VOD this week. The film chronicles two sisters that are separated during the post apocalypse. Luckily for us, the end of the world will continue with Bentman's sequel, AR2: Female Robbery.The film is set for a 2018 release. 

Coming off the December 5th VOD release of AR, B22 Films has begun production on Apocalypse Road 2. Written and Directed by Brett Bentman, AR2 serves as a prequel to the first film and stars returning villain Lance De Los Santos, Billy Blair and Tom Zembrod, also returning in their roles. The film follows the backstory of Hugo, a merciless Marshal, hell bent on carrying out the orders given to him by a post-apocalyptic regime in the hopes of saving his captive family.

AR2 sets the back story for the original and even has a few surprises in store for fans of the first film.

Brett Bentman states: "This film answers some of the questions fans of the first film kept raising to us at screenings. I didn't give away all the secrets of the world we are in, because in a sense, that's the beauty of the AR universe. We know just enough but we have to guess on the rest.".

Filming has begun in Dallas and the film hopes to wrap in early 2018.

He continues, "I always loved how the first film set the stage for this one. The prequel allows me to bring back fan favorites and tell a little more narrative on those characters. You can expect the world to be bleaker and more dire here. We're not showing you the calm before the storm, that was AR really, in AR2 we are showing you the shit storm."

TMS was given exclusive access to the new trailer for Apocalypse Road 2 and some brand new stills from the upcoming feature. Check them out right here!