News: JJ Abrams Pitched Episode IX Script Ideas To Lucasfilm Today

With The Last Jedi just hitting theaters last night and today, director JJ Abrams is ready to strike while the iron is hot. After Colin Trevorrow was removed from the film due to creative differences a few months back, Abrams stepped back in to complete the sequel trilogy he started with The Force Awakens. Although fans were split on the nostalgia factor of his Episode VII, he's coming back to finish what he started. In fact, he pitched his updated script ideas to Lucasfilm today. Considering the chances that Rian Johnson took with The Last Jedi, it might be a hard act to follow. 

Episode IX is set to go into production in June of 2018 with the film hitting theaters in December of 2019. No one really knows which direction they're headed right now, but we here at TMS think there might be a time jump involved. Abrams and his writing partner Chris Terrio definitely have their work cut out for them. Ending this trilogy on a perfect note will be a hard task that we hope they are prepared for. Considering how well Kathleen Kennedy and Abrams teamed together on TFA, we don't think any more drama will be incited by the project.