News: Twin Peaks Actor James Marshall And Louis Mandylor Sign For Romanian Action Series Three Knee Deep

 James Marshall (Twin Peaks) and Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) have agreed to star in the new Romanian Action series Three Knee Deep. The series is from Luna Films and will begin production in Bucharest in January 2018. Marshall is hot off of Showtime’s Twin Peaks, in which he reprised his role of James Hurley, while Mandylor recently completed work on Jesse V. Johnson’s The Pay Up. The first season will consist of five episodes that will be shopped around once completed. Directed by Bobby Barbacioru, who is also producing under his Luna Films umbrella, the series also stars Holt Boggs, Adam Horner, Manuela Harabor and Marius Stanescu. Check out the synopsis below. 

 “A harrowing psychological drama set against the backdrop of the world of “black op” special rendition and detention, the show will follow the lives of a handful of criminals incarcerated in a secret prison and the lengths that certain government officials will go to get what they want.”