Rumor Mill: Don the Cowl: Jon Hamm Eager To Take on The Batman

Holy hell, Batman. This has been a day of hard hitting rumors. Early today we posted a story that Affleck may officially be out of the Batman role after Flashpoint, with Matt Reeves recasting for the upcoming solo film. Now, it appears that one of Ben's good friends may be extremely eager to take on the gothic cowl in The Batman. For quite some time, we at TMS thought that the star of Mad Men might be a perfect actor to take on the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Now, that very person is quite possibly in the running for the role. He's apparently expressed interest in becoming the hero that Gotham needs right now. 

Several sites including Screen Rant and Radar Online are suggesting that Jon Hamm may be the next in line to take on the character. Again, all rumor at this time but this would be an excellent move in the casting department as Hamm would look great in the costume and has the physical appearance to play a great Bruce Wayne. 

Earlier reports today are suggesting that Ben will only be playing a role in the upcoming Flashpoint but will then revoke his status as the character. With lower than expected box office receipts, it's no shock that he may not return. This could set the entire DCEU for an epic spin, sadly.