Rumor Mill: Matt Reeves Recasting Batman, Flashpoint Will Be Last Affleck Appearance

For the most part, TMS has strayed away from boarding the Anti-Batfleck hype train. Since his introduction as Bruce Wayne, people have bashed and given his version of the character tons of needless grief before even giving him a chance. With his first outing as the Caped Crusader in Batman V Superman, he proved many wrong as he offered up a fresh take that was more true to the comic books. Still, the DC universe has struggled to maintain a great view in the public eye which has ultimately soured Affleck's interest in the character. 

Now, word is breaking that Ben will not return for Matt Reeves The Batman, the film that Affleck himself was initially set to direct. Yes, we've heard these rumors before but now it seems that there may actually be some truth to the story as insiders are claiming that Reeves wants to cast 'fresh talent' to don the cape for his version of the character as well as Affleck's frustration with the project. Still, nothing has been fully confirmed but many reliable sources including Screen Rant are actually reporting the story.

With Justice League failing to set the box office ablaze domestically, it wouldn't be shocking to see Affleck remove himself from the universe other than his planned appearance in the Flashpoint movie for which he is already signed.

From a person that's enjoyed this Batman, I'm a little sad if this is actually what's going to happen.