Streaming Releases: The Condo (2017) Reviewed

I remember the good old days fondly. Those were the times that we'd go to the video store seeking out low budget comedy or horror that would keep us entertained all night long. Yet, that was a whole different era. It was when even the lowest budget features would still have some redeeming qualities behind them, even if it did mean the ravaged pride of actors that belonged nowhere near a movie set. 

With the advent of the digital video camera and our ability to feed on content like rabid dogs, many directors or creative people have taken it upon themselves to release projects that barely scrape the surface of being entertainment. It's almost too easy to put out a movie now. Such is the case with The Condo, a nearly heartless effort that spites its audience at the cost of being highly unoriginal and profoundly lacking in anything truly worthwhile for the viewer. 

James Cullen Bressack abandons his low budget indie horror roots to try his hand at romantic comedy crossed with Hangover type potty humor. This time around he bails on what’s made him mildly successful in the world of scares for a movie that nearly satirizes a thriller called The Loft. When a group of men buy a condo to use as a bachelor pad to use as a place to see their mistresses, things go sideways as Bressack tries his damnedest to score a comic cred on his resume. Using familiar tropes and character traits, The Condo is a huge misfire that features unnatural performances all around. Not going too hard nosed with this review, Bressack’s attempt to enter the world of comedy plays like an undeveloped sitcom that had no time or the resources to pull something like this off. We don't typically give out participation trophies, but in this case, we're going to say 'at least he tried'. Many directors stick to one formula. 

Totally a porno setup. I know it!

Similar to so many other no budget projects, The Condo is obviously a finished product that didn’t have any money behind it. The editing is amateurish. The acting is glaringly untrained. And the story itself is just nothing new. Using a premise that’s been touched on before numerous times over the past few decades, this is just a simple plot that’s lined with some sexual overtones that seem like they may devolve into porn at any time. This totally digital movie looks and sounds no better than something you might see from Evil Angel or some other major pornography brand on their streaming website. 

Offering another take on a repetitive story line, The Condo might be one you check out late at night when you're looking for something to ease the oncoming remnants from hours of drinking. It's like a microwave meal that soaks up the liquor. There's a package that looks like it might taste great but it ends up being a mediocre dish that just does the trick. There's nothing to love but really not too much to completely bash either. The Condo is just seasoning....and nothing to dig into either.