New Horror Releases: Treats or Tricks: 10/31 (2017) Reviewed

From A batch of talented directors comes five tales of dread. Fortunately for this Movie Sleuth, almost all are successful jaunts into the world of the horrific.

Horror comes in all shapes and sizes. Some good. Some bad. Some amazingly well received despite minuscule budgets and low production values. That’s the great thing about horror. Its fans are willing to bend and accept almost anything as long as its themes and message deliver something blood curling and imaginative. 10/31 is here to once again prove that grass roots creativity is often times so much better than the mainstream crap we’re fed on a daily basis.

In the last few years, anthologies have become one of the most popular formats for a genre that’s seen many ups and downs. Now, a new chaptered indie flick called 10/31 makes Halloween scary again with numerous tales of eerie evil. Partially funded by an Indiegogo campaign, these five stories align with the tradition of Trick 'r Treat. Initially released in 2017, the film is about to drop in multiple streaming platforms. And there’s a good chance this will become a yearly watch for horror hounds like myself. Using old school genre tropes that are updated to fit modern themes, this independent feature is a perfect specimen of practical effects, excellent looking makeup, cool creature design, and a synth based score that’s totally rad.

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Calling back to old school horror films like Halloween and numerous others, 10/31 feels much older than it actually is. Considering the way this was funded and put together, it’s nearly shocking how good this movie is. Using an old school grainy look that’s processed to obviously capture a retro feel, all five chapters are unique if just a little bit simplistic. Old witchy hags, evil flesh eaters, sexy roller rink carnage, bad ass chicks, slashers and straight up holiday terror line this project even when some of the acting fails to deliver. With only the fourth vignette not meeting the quality of the rest, 10/31 is near solid across the board. Again, this is the type of project that proves a little bit of heart with a steady stream of dedication can go a long way. Of all the horror I’ve seen lately, this is one of the strongest indie efforts.

10/31 captures that old school feel. Using no CGI, it’s super fun to have an experience that calls back to the days when the genre was more about tone and less about spawning endless franchises.