Box Office News: A Force To Be Reckoned With: The Last Jedi Passes Rogue One's Box Office Totals

Let's stop saying that The Last Jedi is hurting at the domestic and global box office. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some people that don't understand the numbers and some people that just want to attach negativity to anything that's having success are trying to claim that this second entry in the third trilogy is having a hard time making money. It's simply just not true. In the 17-18 day time frame that The Last Jedi has been in theaters it has already passed Rogue One's lifetime domestic and global takes. 

These books are full of money. 

As of today, in the U.S. alone, the film has made $533 million whereas Rogue One took in $532.17 in its full theatrical release. TLJ still has weeks and most likely months to go. Internationally, The Last Jedi sits at $1,056,389,228 against Rogue's $1,056,057,273. It is not expected to make the same amount as The Force Awakens as that was a first outing for the latest trilogy. However, most sequels do not have the same financial successes as their predecessors. 

The Last Jedi is still expected to crack $1.6 billion which will place it in the top five films of all time.