Box Office News: Revenge of the Porgs: The Last Jedi Crosses $600 Million Domestic

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been a strange beast at the box office. While it's been no failure by any means, it has certainly met its fair share of bad word of mouth and seems to be struggling to maintain the same type of excitement as The Force Awakens. It also seems like it might not hit the projected $1.6 billion worldwide that many had predicted.

Director Rian Johnson's first film in the Star Wars universe had many fans upset at the way characters were treated and numerous plot elements. That all aside, the movie will close out in the top 5-6 highest grossing domestic motion pictures of all time. Right now it's right behind the first Avengers for the number 6 slot. 

This last weekend saw the feature cross the $600 million mark and is still taking in a fair amount in ticket sales. In its fifth week of release it sunk to the number 8 position but still made a decent $6.6 million. Yet, it will come nowhere near the $936 million that The Force Awakens made. Hopefully, J.J. Abrams' third and final film in this trilogy can continue to drum up hype and huge ticket sales when it comes out in a couple years.