Comics: Bloodshot Salvation #5 - Reviewed

Bloodshot Salvation #5 finds Ray Garrison, “Bloodshot”, stripped of his powers and held hostage by the insane cult leader and estranged father of his girlfriend, Magic, known as “Daddy.” Daddy is looking for both Magic and her newborn daughter, Jessie in order to complete his deranged family. Desperate to retrieve his daughter and her child, Daddy resorts to torturing Bloodshot while holding him captive on his remote farm in Ohio. 

Meanwhile, at the Omen Headquarters, Bloodshot’s mortal enemy, “Rampage” is on the mend, growing stronger each day. Though everything at Omen seems to be going their way, particularly after being able to shut off the nanites in Bloodshot’s body, rendering him powerless, they are shocked to learn that here is a new nanite signature operative in the world. 

Issue 5 is full of intense violence and action sequences. The art, done by Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan is incredible and absolutely captures the chaos and drama of the series. Each page offers so much detail and color that even on the pages that have very little dialogue, clear messages are spoken within the images. 

Jeff Lemire’s ability to jump to and from various timelines within the Bloodshot universe and still ensure things aren’t too confusing or chaotic is impressive. The heavy emotions and internal conflict that Bloodshot is feeling throughout this issue is conveyed in such a way that I believe will resonate with each reader. The book itself is dark and violent, but there is enough humor sprinkled throughout it that it still feels like your good old fashioned action comic. I am thoroughly enjoying my first taste of the Bloodshot universe and am looking forward to getting my hands on more. 

-Rachel Rutherford