Comics: Ninja-K #3 - Reviewed

In November of 2017, Valiant released Ninja-K #1, a story that delves deeper into the character also known as Ninjak, or by his legal name, Colin King. In the first several issues, it was learned that Ninja-K is actually only the most recent special agent in a long line of ninjitsu trained spies, dating back to World War II, and unfortunately, the lineage is being slowly terminated by a rogue ninja. 

In issue #3, Ninja-K finally comes face to face with the man responsible for murdering the previous ninjas one by one, as he knows he could eventually suffer the same fate. What is revealed when he meets this mysterious assassin is something that will make Ninja-K question everything he has ever known to be true, and we are left wondering what he will do next with this knowledge. 

The story, written by Christos Gage, seems to be heavily invested in developing a character that has become very prominent in Valiant’s publication history. Instead of creating another comic book that relies mainly on action, Ninja-K seems to offer a much needed look into the backstory of Colin King, which I believe is a good thing. Creating characters that readers can establish a level of relatability with is something that should be more important to writers than just relying on heavy action sequences. Ninja-K allows readers to see a more human, more vulnerable side of King, as well as learning to understand the things that made him the way he is. This particular issue showcases a lot of internal conflict and emotion in not only Ninja-K, but also his enemy, as they slowly find common ground. 

Tomas Giorello’s attention to detail in his art certainly does this comic justice. The characters are drawn with a level of intense realism, causing you to want to study every panel just to see what you may have missed on your first glance. The emotion and feeling behind each character is felt so deeply within the art and the rich use of color works beautifully to convey the story and portray such a mixture of characters. 

Overall I found Ninja-K #3 to be both an exhilarating and emotional read and the partnership in the work of writer and artist displayed clearly on each and every page. I am excited to learn more about Ninja-K and what he will do with the information he learned in this issue. 

-Rachel Rutherford