Comics: Stabbity Bunny #1 - Reviewed

Stabbity Bunny, written by Richard Rivera and illustrated by Dwayne Biddix, was released by Scout Comics on January 10, 2018 and is the story of Grace, a sweet, imaginative second grader and her stuffed bunny, Stabbity. Issue one sets up this mystery horror series with Grace abruptly being kidnapped from her school field trip by an assailant who seems to have history with her entire family. Grace’s mother, Amanda, receives a threatening phone call from Grace’s kidnapper, and it is then you realize that this isn’t just your ordinary family. 

Stabbity Bunny is Richard Rivera’s first published comic, and I have to say, he really knocked it out of the park with the series thus far. Children’s book meets supernatural horror is the genre that you never knew you needed, which makes the idea behind Stabbity Bunny extremely unique and very clever. I think a lot of times, writers are very focused on getting to the plot of a book quickly, that they tend to lose some characterization along the way, and that is not the case with Stabbity Bunny. All of the characters feel very authentic and even with the first issue, you feel yourself being drawn to them, relating to them. The dialogue moves smoothly and the plot begins to unfold at a pace that allows you to see what is happening without feeling rushed. 

Dwayne Biddix’s art is truly the cherry on top of the delicious sundae that is Stabbity Bunny. Drawn in a style that would work completely well in a children’s book, the stark contrast of that style and the many pages sequencing violence and gore just make the book that much more special. Each character’s emotions are felt so strongly with his art and there is such a sense of movement in all of the action sequences, it works perfectly together to create a positively stunning horror story. 

In case you couldn’t tell, I am a huge fan of horror themed graphic novels and Stabbity Bunny is absolutely one that I am adding to my must read list. Issue two is slated to be released on February 24th of this year and you better believe I will be getting my hands on a copy! 

-Rachel Rutherford