Images: A Preview For The Upcoming Trade Paperback The Complete Okko From Boom! Studios

This is a preview for The Complete Okko.

It features a story from Hub, art by Emmanuel Michalak and Hub, colors by Hub, Li, and Stephan Pelayo, and cover art from Hub. It is slated to hit the shelves on January 17th. Check out the synopsis and images below.

"From master storyteller Hub, The Complete Okko contains Volumes 1-4 and the never-before-released-in-English Vol. 5 of his ambitious fantasy series that explores one ronin’s journey of redemption across a world that is as beautiful as it is violent. It is the Time of Mists in the Pajan Empire, an era of warring clans struggling for ultimate power. While most warriors shed blood on the battlefield for one clan or another, Okko the Ronin travels elsewhere on a more personal mission, hunting demons across the land with his companions."