News: Friedman Leaves the Station: TNT's Snowpiercer Show Loses Its Showrunner

It seems like its been forever since TNT announced they'd be adapting the Boon Jong Ho post apocalyptic snow train to hell movie to the smaller screen. The film was a relative hit and has built a cult audience. Following many typical science fiction and action tropes, Snowpiercer had a small theatrical release back in 2013 and built a foundation on the streaming platforms. TNT picked up the property and decided to make a television show out of it. 

Already ordered to series by the cable giant, with a pilot all but locked in the chamber, the new version of Snowpiercer has now lost its showrunner. Josh Friedman has officially departed the station with 'creative differences' cited as his reason. The series has signed big names like Jennifer Connelly to star. 

Friedman previously worked on Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the short lived Emerald City.