News: Marvel Targets 2020 For Black Widow Standalone Film

It's taken Marvel years to finally figure out that people want more comic book movies that have a female hero in the central role. We're not sure what the hold up was. But it's about damn time. Earlier it was announced that Scarlett Johansson would be getting her own standalone project starring as the infamous Black Widow, one of the main characters in the Avengers movie universe. Now, it looks like they're getting ready to formally announce a release date.

After getting it into active development just last week, Marvel is reportedly targeting a 2020 release for the Natasha Romanoff movie. No director has been attached to the project yet, so they better get moving in order to get this thing into production by 2019. Apparently, the script is already being prepped. Blacklist scribe Jac Schaeffer is actively working on the project.