Rumor Mill: Monsters and Mayhem: Cloverfield 3 Title Potentially Leaked

More monsters and mayhem are on the way! Count on it!

Despite a split audience reaction to 10 Cloverfield Lane, the mysterious monster franchise is obviously moving forward with another. The J.J. Abrams property has produced a nice stream of revenue on a limited budget. Up until now, the third in the series has only been known by a working title, God Particle, which apparently references something that takes place in the movie. Tonight, it looks like the official name may have been leaked. 

MPC lighting artist Ray Xu just added a credit to his LinkedIn profile that suggests that number three in the series will be called Cloverfield Station. All info on his page lines up perfectly with the production dates and release of the project. A teaser is now expected to drop with Annihilation on February 27th.

We look forward to another one in this series. Each film seems to move in a different direction. Hopefully this is as good as the last. It's being mentioned that the reasoning behind the name Cloverfield may finally be revealed in this installment.