Streaming Releases: Sex, Surfboards, and Mayhem: Adrenochrome (2017) - Reviewed

Californian beach bums unite and take over. Adrenochrome is here to mess with your mind. 

A cheaply made flick about cult killings and drugs is hyper edited as it captures sexy girls, carved bods, bad ass bikes, body bashing surfboards, and sacrificial lambs. Mixing exploitation with a modernized spin on the surf movie, replete with twangy soundtrack, this indie flick is more fun than anything else. The story is loose. And it’s hard to follow at times but none of that matters. If you’re looking for great acting, go elsewhere. Adrenochrome is coolness topped with a heaping pile of Tom Sizemore’s modern b-grade style.

Creative mind Trevor Simms acts and stars in an indie horror/action film that’s both raw and mildly ingenious in its Venice Beach fairy tale style. Using a full color palette that renders a true representation of the West Coast, Simms' journey into the world of hallucinogenics would make for an interesting Saturday night stoner viewing. Break out the bong cause things are about to get weird. Simms choice of visuals are extremely basic at times, yet they lend themselves to a story about beach parties, tripping balls, and sandy cult member mermaids. Got it? Okay. This movie is a full on artistic assault of the senses that never takes itself too seriously!

Is this the wrestling match or the surf contest? I don't know. 

Adrenochrome is mentioned by Hunter S. Thompson in his Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas novel and is directly referenced in Simms independent movie that uses the psychotropic drug in its main premise. When a veteran is fed a dose, he’s not sure where the lines are drawn between reality and fantasy, setting a course for a bloodbath that’s like an ethereal portrait transposed to the screen. Many plot elements are confusing but that’s not the point here. Simms' motion picture plays to many different genres and stereotypes as things get stranger and stranger. Armed by a vintage looking cinema style that’s cut together like an art house film, Simms villain declares that the American dream is dead. Adrenochrome reflects that in many ways.

If you’re into B movies or Grindhouse cinema, this project will pique your interest. It’s a definite throwback that has some problematic areas in the script that are ultimately outweighed by Simms’ penchant for late night cable tv erotica and some truly hard to watch scenes of gut churning murder. We never even talked about the epic beat downs and chest bursting scenes of hot lead.

Adrenochrome gets a full release on February 1st.