New Horror Releases: The Teens Are Hell: Tragedy Girls (2017) Reviewed

Slasher movies have almost always followed the same formula. That is until now. 2018 sees female antiheroes change the game in a new and exciting way.
Based on a dark and twisted script that calls back to numerous other great horror flicks, Tragedy Girls updates the genre in our post Mean Girls age of likes, shares, and instant gratification. Mixing in the prom themes of Carrie with a cutting edge that hints at Heathers, Election, and many other films that pit teenage girls against each other, tragedy strikes a small town as its citizens begin to find untimely deaths. The humor is both dark and twisted, remaining hyper relevant to current societal woes. 

When two teenage girls want to solidify their social status, they'll sacrifice anything, including human lives. Armed to the teeth with creative kills and comedic characters, this year just met its first great satire. Main players Sadie and McKayla are a sticky sweet pair of feminine murders that audiences will love, despite their skewed perception of reality. Director Tyler MacIntyre uses his years of directing horror shorts to make a seasoned full length feature that hits all the right marks. Yet, some grey areas might hit too close to home considering our country's issue with violence in our educational institutions.

Oh, you are SO dead. We'll kill you with our cuteness. 

This is modern meta-horror crossed with the high school antics we all know and love. Featuring a perfect chemistry between Alexandra Shipp (Storm from X-Men Apocalypse) and Briana Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead from Deadpool), this delectable treat of death and dismemberment is an absolutely hilarious new take on the popularity tropes that have been popular for so long. Updating that old standby with a commentary on social media, there is nothing these ladies can't accomplish together. This beautiful two girl wrecking crew slashes, slices and dices their way through a movie that definitely has the makings to become a cult hit. 

Tragedy Girls is supported by a phenomenal cast that features comedic actor Craig Robinson doing his typical routine, Kevin Durand as a dumbed down yet statuesque antagonist ripped right from dozens of killer flicks, and a bevy of victims that die in brutal ways. If you're looking for some straight fun at the movies, this supplies nearly two hours of entertainment. Being such a fan of movies like Scream, Cabin in the WoodsHappy Death Day, the Friday the 13th series, and anything that involves a machete hacking into flesh, I highly suggest checking this one out.