Videos: The Sci-Fi Short Film Home

This is the sci-fi short film Home, presented by Dust.

It was written and directed by Blake Calhoun, and stars Melanie Merkosky and Josh Roberts. Check out synopsis and short film below.

"A tormented woman believes a rare planetary alignment is actually a cosmic message from her distant interstellar home. 

Twenty-four years ago Terri's 11-year-old sister went missing and never came back. The newspapers all said she was abducted. 

 The trauma of that event haunts Terri to this very day. But not because her sister's gone. No, she's happy about that. She's been tormented for all these long years because Terri didn't get to go with her. She didn't get to go back home - to their real home - on another planet. 

 Of course no one believed her. Not back then and not now. None of her family. None of her doctors (and there’s been a lot them). Not even her husband. 

 And just today, as she continues searching the skies as an amateur astronomer, she receives a signal. A cosmic message of sorts. One she believes is from her sister and her home planet. 

 It’s happened before though. Her family calls them “episodes”. But this time she keeps it a secret. Maybe she really is crazy after all. 

 Or maybe no one can tell her it’s not true. No one can keep her from devising a plan. And no one can stop her from going back home."