Comics: Long Lost #4 - Reviewed

The breakout Scout Comic series, Long Lost, will be releasing the fourth issue of the series on February 28, 2018. This issue continues the story of snarky, loveable yet guilt ridden Piper and her spunky, upbeat sister Frances as they search for answers about both their past and their mentally unstable mother, whom it is learned recently escaped from the mental institution that had been holding her captive for many years. This particular issue not only teases us with more of the supernatural, but it gives another look into the dark, sad past that Piper and Frances share. 

I have been heavily invested in this series from the beginning, but I have to say I think that issue four is the best one yet. There is so much emotion and heart in the writing style of Matthew Erman that it is honestly impossible not to relate to and empathize with the characters in one way or another. With issue four, the plot is still slowly unfurling, but this particular issue certainly offers some large revelations that will leave readers on a high in anticipation. That being said, the fact that so much of the girls’ past is offered in such an elusive form, hinting at events of horror, but not coming right out and stating it is once again a bold move by Erman, but the truth is, for this series, it just leaves you on the edge of your seat in the best possible way. There is something really special about the way that even at issue four you’re left with so many questions, but it also doesn’t feel like it is paced too slow. I think a lot of comics really tend to rush plots, leaving things feeling frenzied; the fact that Long Lost is such a slow burn is totally wonderful. It allows readers to connect with the characters and utilize their imagination and develop their own theories. Appealing to reader’s imaginations is so important when you are striving to create a memorable comic and once again, Matthew Erman has nailed it with this issue. When I read the last page, I felt distraught; I was left with so many questions and had to immediately google when the next issue was coming out. I think that is exactly how you should feel when reading a middle issue of a series. As opposed to appealing to the idea of instant gratification, Long Lost’s readers are no doubt highly invested and in it for the long haul! 

Once again, Lisa Sterle has worked her artistic magic with Long Lost #4. This issue is emotional, moody and perhaps a bit darker than the prior issues and Sterle has captured the mood with her pen. I also have to make a point to mention the cover of this particular issue as it is so gorgeous. The image is a simple close up of Piper, done in deep hues of swirling greens and blues surrounding her. Her expression is melancholy and she is clutching something red in her hands, though I am unsure of what it is. My first reaction was that it’s a heart, but again, it’s left to my imagination in some form. Sterle has captured Piper’s expression of sadness and guilt while still making it a visually interesting cover. Once again, Long Lost #4 showcases the fantastic teamwork between artist and writer.

In close, I must say, if you are not reading Long Lost yet, I have to ask, “Why the hell not?” The writing is superb, the art is phenomenal and the pace in which the supernatural horror plot is unfolding will leave you on the edge of your seat with every issue. Seriously, do yourself a favor and pick up this series. 

-Rachel Rutherford