Comics: The Michael Moorcock Library – The Chronicles of Corum: Knight of the Sword - Reviewed

Collecting the original 1987 series from First Comics, this volume presents readers with an engaging story and great artwork. Mike Baron’s adaption of Michael Moorcock’s original work is perfectly suited for the graphic novel medium. We are introduced to a variety of characters, with a fleshed-out mythology to give them the gravitas that they need. It also doesn’t hurt that we see some of the early work of Mike Mignola and Kelly Jones, two heavyweights of the industry who went to even greater heights after their work here. 

The reader will come face to face with a forward by another industry titan, Ron Marz, before embarking on the journey of Prince Corum. Ancient races and different dimensions of the occult are explored, with the perpetual idea that the creation of man has thrown a wrench in some cosmic epic. 

Early on, the primitive race of man, called Mabden, are described as a race that is possessed by fear. The story implies that it is the emotion of fear that blinds man to his true potential and brings him to the lowest of the low, even lower than the station of wild beasts. 

Going through all the interdimensional planes to reach the perennial blue city of Tanelorn, considered to be the center of time, Prince Corum undergoes through many trials to save those he loves and the story ends on a happy note, for now.

This is certainly a beautifully crafted self-contained story. Highly recommended.

-Berk Coka