Comics: Stabbity Bunny #2 - Reviewed

In my review earlier last month, I mentioned really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the second issue of Stabbity Bunny, and I got lucky enough to do so a little early this time! Stabbity Bunny #2 will officially be released by Scout Comics on February 28th, though creator and writer Richard Rivera will be hosting a pre-release party on Valentine’s Day at Gotham City Pizza for the lucky few that will be in the Ormond Beach, Florida area. 

When we last left Grace, her mother Amanda, and her stuffed bunny, Stabbity, Grace had narrowly escaped the clutches of an evil kidnapper, though we are certainly left wondering with anticipation just how she was able to do so. In issue two, the plot begins creeping together to weave an eerie, enthralling tale. This particular issue brings more light to the namesake of this story, giving you small glimpses of the fact that Stabbity is certainly more than meets the eye. As the story unfolds we are introduced to even more well thought out, interesting characters. Some bring a fun lightness to the story, while others bring about something much more menacing. We also get to know the main characters a bit more in this issue; particularly Grace’s mother Amanda, which I definitely think adds even more depth to the plot. I have no doubt that we will begin to learn more and more about her past as well as the supernatural force surrounding her entire family in the issues to come. Richard Rivera definitely knows how to capture the attention of his readers as well as create a story that will continue to hold one’s attention. 

Dwayne Biddix’s art style in Stabbity Bunny continues to impress. Bringing life to new characters, he truly has a talent for capturing each character’s personality and emotions with his pencil. His ability to capture real life feeling as well as keeping with a style that has this wonderful childlike fantasy aspect to it allows every single page to feel fresh and inventive. The violent horror scenes of this book have to be my favorite part of Biddix’s artistic renderings. The colors change to this interesting sepia color palette as the tension begins to rise for certain characters. The stark contrast of the sepia panels against the vibrancy that dances across the pages of most of the book truly makes those darker panels extra chilling. 

Following Stabbity Bunny #1, issue two just proves that this story is more than just a one hit wonder. Rivera and Biddix are clearly a strong, talented team and I believe they will continue to thrill their audience as the story goes on. I see there being a lot of exciting adventures on their horizons, and I am greatly looking forward to being able to read issue three, hopefully early, as waiting to see what is next sure is going to be difficult!

-Rachel Rutherford