New: Director Francis Lawrence Gives An Update On The Battlestar Galactica Reboot Film

Back in the summer of 2016 it was announced that While promoting his new film Red Sparrow, director Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Mockingjay) provided an update on big screen reboot of the classic sci-fi television series Battlestar Galactica. In an interview with Coming Soon, Lawrence confirms that the film is still being developed, saying that: 

 “I’m working on that, that’s something I’m developing,” said Lawrence. “I’m working on that with Lisa Joy, who is one of the creators of Westworld. The original series was actually one of the first sets that I ever went on. I remember being a kid and loving that show and they were filming near my house and my mom took me down there and I got to try on a Cylon helmet. I loved that show as a kid. I loved the Ron Moore show too.” 

 “There will definitely be visual nods [to the original series]. We’re all fans of both series so there will definitely be nods, but for it to be worth doing for us we have to have our own take on it. Without getting into too much detail, there is thematic kind of stuff to make it relevant today. What makes something interesting to do is if there’s a relevance to the world we live in now… I also think it has to be about more than the A.I. of it all, as well. That’s an element, but I think we’ve found something else to say with it too, which I think is pretty cool.”

Lawrence originally signed on to develop the project in 2016 and with no news since then, it was appearing to be dead in the water. This news at least gives us some hope that we will get a film within the next couple of years. The TV originally aired in 1978 and told the story of the human race facing extinction after an attack by the race of machines called the Cylons. The remaining human survivors travel the galaxy looking for the planet Earth, while being chases by the Cylons. A sequel series was released in 1980, followed by a reboot in 2003, and the spinoff Caprica in 2010.