News: Optimus Reboot: Michael Bay's Transformers Concludes. Series To Reboot After Bumblebee

After a series of films that most people claim not to like, the world of Michael Bay's Transformers has come to a final conclusion. Today, Hasbro announced that the universe will get a total reboot some time after the Bumblebee spinoff, which is getting a release later this year.

According to and Transformer World 2005, the brand is getting a total overhaul that will not include Bay in any way, but will kick off a whole new series of films that might play it closer to the original animated series. Hasbro is also set to take a bigger role in their movie properties. 

As of right now, the toy company has several other films in the works including the G.I. Joe reboot, Micronauts, Dungeons and Dragons and Bumblebee. There are no other Transformers movies on the slate through 2021 at this time, but the company is definitely looking at a new future without Michael Bay involved.

The world rejoiced.