Trailers: The Gore-Filled Horror Film Red Eye

This is a trailer for Red Eye

It was directed by Tristan Clay, and stars Destinie Orndoff, Scott King, Heather Dorff,  and Hayden Wilberger centrally star. The film was nominated for “Best Feature,” “Best Director,” “Best Producer,” “Best Actress (Heather Dorff),” “Best Actor (Scott King)” and “Best SPFX” at the San Antonio Horrific Film Fest (2017). Terror Films has stated that Red Eye is not for those with a weak stomach and contains some graphic and violent scenes. It is so gory that they had to request that the filmmaker remove at least one moment in the story or risk having the film rejected by major digital platforms. Terror Films President Joe Dain says of the violence: 

“it’s a film for the true gore driven horror fans tired of the glazed over, more commercial horror fair we see coming out of the major studios.” 

It will be available on several digital, North American platforms. Platforms include: iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, and Xbox Live on February 9th. There are plans for a DVD and it will expand to worldwide markets through: iFlix, iTunes and Amazon International, soon. Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

"The film is based around “The Legend of Red Eye.” This myth covers a violent, deranged masked murderer, who dwells in the backwoods of Black Creek, West Virginia. Gage Barker (Scott King), a young man who grew up on the tales of Red Eye as a kid, learns that there could be some truth behind these folk tales. With a group of his friends and his camera equipment in tow, they hike into the woods to seek him out or to prove that he is nothing more than a myth. They hike into the woods to seek him out or to prove that he is nothing more than a myth."