Remake Central: We Can Rebuild Him: The Six Billion Dollar Man Sets A Release Date

Mark Wahlberg bleeds new life into an old franchise. 

The long discussed Six Billion Dollar Man live action film is finally seeing some movement. Initially scheduled by the Weinstein Company prior to the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, the property was moved around and delayed several times. In 2017, with Weinstein in financial distress, the brand was sold to Warner Bros.. Now, they're planning on getting the film in front of cameras this summer. 

Mark Walhberg is still attached to star as Colonel Steve Austin in a modernized version of the character initially played by The Fall Guy Lee Majors. As of today, the movie is slated to hit theaters on May 31st, 2019. 

This would have marked the fourth time that director Peter Berg and Wahlberg would have partnered for a movie in the past few years. However, Berg is no longer attached to direct with the feature switching studios. 

The 1974 television show was about an injured test pilot who is repaired with nuclear limbs and implants giving him superhuman powers. The show ran from '74 - '78.