News: The Room Rebooted: Tommy Wiseau Wants To Reshoot The Room in 3D

Tommy Wiseau

Wiseau is at it again. The Room may return. In 3D. Remade. 

The world's strangest self funded director has a new idea for his cult classic, The Room. With the major success of the biographical film, The Disaster Artist, the creator of the hugely popular movie has abandoned all hope of post converting the movie to 3D. Originally shot on a mysterious budget, The Room has drummed up a massive cult following that saw James Franco turn the story of the disastrous production into a 2017 hit. Hot on the heels of Franco's perfect recreation, Wiseau's mind is once again whirling with more ideas for his brainchild. 

When speaking with Screen Rant, the director states he now wants to reshoot the ENTIRE movie in 3D. He had this to say about the future of The Room 3D:

“My idea is to actually do 3D but technology has changed and I need to maybe reshoot it – with all the imperfections of course – in 3D. Because I do have the footage… it'll be cheaper to reshoot it if you ask me based on the technology, my resources, than just to use what we have. So that's the plan for The Room.”

Franco, look at the monster you've created!