Rumor Mill: Steven Spielberg's Halo Series May Shoot This Fall

Will Halo finally get a live action treatment?

Steven Spielberg is once again stretching his science fiction wings. While the last few years have seen him returning to the realm of political intrigue, the creative mind is back doing what he does best. His Ready Player One film adaptation is prepping to hit theaters and another project seems to be getting some traction with an apparent production date looming around the corner. 

A film version of Halo has been rumored for quite some time, but it is now officially being developed by Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment as a mini-series for Showtime. A new report from Production Weekly states that the show could be set to start filming sometime in the fall with episodes beginning to air sometime in 2019. 

Showtime President Gary Levine says the show will satisfy die hard fans of the game series as well as newcomers to the franchise. The timing of this also appears to align with Microsoft's potential announcement or teaser for Halo 6. Nothing has been fully confirmed on that yet though.