Images: An Outstanding Mars Attacks Planet Of The Apes Sculpture

This is a sculpture from Akihiro Mogami.

It mixes together the films Mars Attacks and Planet of the Apes to create an outstanding looking sculpture. Mogami is traditional and digital sculptor from Japan. This piece is a traditional sculpture and the artist stated that the helmet is a plastic snow globe that was carefully cut, heated to soften, and then placed around the head. You can view more of his work here. Check out his bio and the images below.

"I'm Akihiro Mogami, Japanese Sculptor. Began to learn sculpting when I was 25yo in a countryside art class .  Before then, I was just a part time worker in book store. I really LOVE Action figures, Garage kits. So decided make those by my own hand. I know I'm so slow-starter. But my passion for sculpting does not lose to anyone. . . I make works with traditional and digital ways. Movie stars, Anime characters and SFX monsters are my favorite motifs. Of course, I do like making original design characters . And I can paint model kits a little bit. I use Sculpey, NSP, ZBrush, Keyshot, Photoshop."