Interviews: Scream Queen Victoria De Mare Talks Horror, Batty Boop, And Her Current Film Projects

Victoria De Mare is one of Hollywood's reigning "Hottest Horror Scream Queens" for over a decade according to the cover feature editorial article of the January 2017 issue of Hustler Magazine. She has appeared in over 110 Film & TV productions & counting. She is best known for her creation & portrayal of the sexy demon succubus clown, "Batty Boop" from the horror/comedy feature series, Killjoy, which will be available as an action figure resin doll statue courtesy of Full Moon Collectibles worldwide September 2017.

Victoria is a graduate of New York University with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and Broadcast Journalism. In addition to being a prolific character actor, she is also a published writer, published poet, professional model, live talk show host & producer, as well as a professional dancer & former member of the Hart Pulse Dance Company, Wilmington Ballet Company, & Joffrey Ballet Company with guest artist performances at the St. Croix Ballet Company in the Virgin Islands.

Victoria is also a professional lead, back-up, & harmony vocalist as well as a songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, music publisher(ASCAP), & catalog artist with over 50 songs on the Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing catalogs. Her 2016 pop/rock album, CanUNotTell & latest 2017 singles are available to download or stream on iTunes, AppleMusic, AmazonMP3, Spotify & everywhere online with ringtones available exclusively on the iPhone worldwide.

TMS: What draws you to working on horror? What makes that something you enjoy doing?

VDM: I have Always been drawn to Horror since I was a little girl. I love the excitement! Horror is the second most popular genre of film next to Comedy, so the fact that there will Always be a global fan base to enjoy Horror films makes working on them very much enjoyable!

TMS: Do you like being scared, mangled and killed on screen?

VDM: Yes, anything horrific & disturbing is right up my alley. But, I actually prefer to be the one doing the mangling, killing, & inflicting the terror!

TMS: What is it that keeps you coming back to the horror genre?

VDM: There is Always work! It seems like everyone & their mother has an idea for a horror film.

TMS: What scream queens do you look up to the most?

VDM: The original Scream Queen, Fay Wray, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis, Debbie Rouchon, & Tiffany Shepis.

TMS: You are probably best known for the succubus clown character Batty Boop in the series Killjoy? What was it like taking on a role that required full body make-up?

VDM: The role was written specifically for me by filmmaker John Lechago. He wanted her "wardrobe" to essentially only be paint, boots, & a boa. He knew not only that I would be into it, but that I could pull it off! "Batty" is technically a demon succubus clown, so Lechago wanted her painted with teeth going all the way down her front & I mean All the way Down. It was an incredibly difficult preparation to play her due to her full work day of just makeup on top of her voice & behavior. Everything about "Batty" was extremely specific.

TMS: Full Moon Collectibles is releasing a resin statue of Batty Boop, how cool is that?

VDM: Yes. The manufacturing & distribution of the "Batty Boop" resin doll statue was part of my agreement to do the last film, Killjoy's Psycho Circus. And, I am Eternally Grateful to Charlie Band for keeping his word. To become an action figure/doll of a character that you created is truly a dream come true! My name will also be on the doll's box, as well.

TMS: Any wild stories from your time working for Full Moon?

VDM: Yes. Making a feature film in 5 days with a 7 1/2 hour(5 to get it on & 2 1/2 to get it off) makeup requirement in addition to shooting a 12 hour day. The definition of Wild!

TMS: Dracula in a Women’s Prison is out now, what do you want to tell people about the film? Do they need to see Werewolf in a Women’s Prison first?

VDM: Yes, Dracula In A Women's Prison is now available to rent or buy on Vimeo OnDemand! It is the funniest film I have ever seen. No. All the films I did in the "In A Women's Prison..." series are stand alone films including the last one Frankenstein In A Women's Prison soon to be released, as well. You don't have to see one to enjoy or follow the others, but you are going to Want to see them All because they are Awesome! Fans will soon be able to order a signed DVD copy of the original Werewolf In A Women's Prison off my new website!

TMS: You also have The Blessed Ones out now, available on Amazon Prime and other outlets. What can you tell us about the film?

VDM: Yes. The Blessed Ones is also available to rent on VOD & at over 750 Family Video Stores nationwide & in Canada. It's Awesome to be back in Video Stores! It's a fabulous suspense thriller about a cult. My dear friends wrote, directed, starred & produced it, so it was a blast making the film with my friends that I adore & admire-Patrick O'Bell, Mo Whelan, & Andy Gates.

TMS: Are there any other upcoming films or projects that you are excited about or wish to promote?

VDM: The Black Room starring Natasha Henstridge is also available now on Amazon Prime & VOD after premiering & playing at the Laemmle Music Hall Theater in Beverly Hills, CA for a week. And, the action/drama The Holy Man is also available to rent or buy on Amazon. It's the first time I actually played the "beautiful wife" role of the main character. My new hard rock single Raw is also available everywhere you download & stream your music, as well. I am also very much looking forward to the upcoming release of my zombie apocalypse film State Of Desolation.

TMS: Can you tell us a little about your involvement in the Annabelle: Creation live events?

VDM: I was hired by Warner Bros to play the "demon spirit" of Annabelle in their west coast live exhibit events at Scare LA, the Graumann's Chinese Theater Hollywood Premiere, & Regal LA Live to promote the 8/11 nationwide release of the film Annabelle: Creation. The director & producer (Justin & Melissa Meyer) who created the live experience said that I was "the Only actress they knew who could play the part, if she is available...".

TMS: Do you have a favorite actor or director that you have worked with? Or one that really geeked you out?

VDM: I love working with directors Jeff Leroy, Patrick O'Bell, & Corky Quakenbush. It's a blast working with actor Vincent Bilancio & I also very much enjoyed working with Craig Stark.

TMS: Is there a certain type of movie or director that you’d like to work with in the future?

VDM: I would like to produce & star in two bio-pics in the near future, as well as work with directors Guillermo Del Torro, Peter Jackson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Oliver Stone, & Quentin Tarantino.

TMS: If you had to pick a favorite horror feature, what would it be?

VDM: Jaws-period.

TMS: The last couple years have seen an awesome resurgence in independent horror. What have been your favorites? Also, where do you see the genre heading in the next few years?

VDM: Thanks to the constant passion of independent filmmakers, I have been able to making a living as an actor/artist. I honestly love the found footage Horror films. I see the genre blowing up like never before with the never ending evolution of technology & using more aspects of virtual reality.

TMS: Anything else you want to tell us about?

VDM: My 2016 pop/rock album CanUNotTell is also available everywhere you download & stream your music. And, the Batty Boop dolls will be available to buy mid-September 2017. Fans can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram, as well as join the Victoria De Mare Fan Club at