Interviews: Actress Reine Swart Talks About Her Upcoming Horror Film The Lullaby

South African actress Reine Swart gives her lungs a workout in Darrell James Roodt’s The Lullaby, in theaters and VOD March 2nd. Swart, now based in California, tells us about her love of horror, the meaning of the film’s original title Siembamba, and her adoration of Jack Nicholson’s turn in The Shining.

TMS: What’s your favorite genre to work in and why? 

RS: Horror and drama if I can give two. Horror, because it is something contrasts from our everyday lives and it is really fun to work on. Drama, because it resonates with me. 

TMS: Which project have you enjoyed doing the most? 

RS: Every project is unique, but I have to set The Lullaby apart, because is was so different from what I have done before. Working with the incredible Academy award nominated director, Darrell Roodt, was just amazing. The whole team put so much in and it was a wonderful experience. 

TMS: How would you sum up the new movie? 

RS: It is the first film that brings the true South African myth, “Siembamba”, to life and combining it with a real life terror, postpartum psychosis. A psychological horror. 

TMS: What is its greatest strength?

RS: It is a first from South Africa, thus truly you haven't seen a South African horror before this one. 

TMS: Can we ask about your favorite film- it doesn’t necessarily have to be horror?

RS: My most recent favorite film is The Shape of Water. I always like a surreal film. 

TMS: In terms of horror movies, have you one? 

RS: My favorite would be a very popular one... The Shining

TMS: How has that film inspired or shaped your own career? 

RS: Jack Nicholson gave this phenomenal performance and everything in the movie was bizarre in the best ways. It inspires me to tell stories that are fresh and strive to play unconventional characters as much a possible. 

TMS: If you could resurrect or reanimate a late filmmaker – who would you dig up and put back in front of a camera? 

RS: So many people... At the moment, I will pick, Audrey Hepburn. A brilliant woman who spoke multiple languages and an iconic actress.