Galactic News: Padme's Handmaiden Sabé To Become Central Hero in New Star Wars Tie-Ins

The galaxy of Star Wars is an ever evolving thing. As the Skywalker saga came to a conclusion, other new and exciting things are happening in the universe that will continue to tie all the movies together. With The Mandalorian a major hit for Disney+ and numerous other projects in the works, we're quickly finding out how they're going ton continue expanding on characters we've been introduced to in the past and how they'll make sure to give us more back story or adventures for smaller characters. The latest to get some love via the new interconnected stories will be Sabé, Padme's handmaiden from the prequel trilogy who was played by Kiera Knightley as she made her Hollywood break out!

Apparently she'll become the central focus in numerous upcoming story tie-ins that will revolve around an earlier period in the Star Wars chronology. She was already an integral part of E.K. Johnston's novel Queen's Shadow in 2019 but will be made a part of several other new projects. Her story will be expanded in the Darth Vader comic issue #2 but is also expected to be take a major role in Johnston's upcoming prequel novel, Queen's Peril which is releasing in June. 

Slowly but surely, it seems like she's becoming a new hero in the new expanded universe, dare I say it?