The Adventures of Superman: DC Fandome To Revive '40s Radio Series

It's been sixty years since the final episode of The Adventures of Superman aired on the radio. Back in 1951, the series was officially cancelled as technology continued to push towards television. Earlier today it was announced that The Creative Coalition is bringing the show back with an updated serial that will feature Daniel Dae Kim and Wilson Cruz in lead roles. The revival of the classic radio show will launch during the DC Fandome: Explore the Universe event on September 12th and will be available for 24 hours.

The relaunch of the classic series will feature recreations of classic episodes of The Adventures of Superman in their original scripted form. The show will be compromised of voice acting from tons of well known actors including Jason Alexander, Jason Isaacs, Anthony Rapp, Henry Winkler, CCH Pounder, and many many more. Cruz, Kim, and Tom Daly will all be taking turns playing The Man of Steel. 

This is a super idea that will remind people how radio used to be the go to format for nightly entertainment. With current production standards and all the people behind the voicings, it will be an interesting mix of new and old. The Creative Coalition CEO Robin Bronk had this to say:

"We are thrilled to join comic fans and creators at DC Fandome: Explore the Multiverse to bring the original Superman to life and celebrate the arts."