After the Armageddon: Gerard Butler Returning For Greenland Sequel


Actor Gerard Butler will be returning for a sequel to Greenland, an end of the world drama that saw him and his fictional family attempting to make it to safety. The second film is expected to see Morena Baccarin back in her role as well. The follow up titled Greenland:Migration will see the Garrity family leaving the bunker to traverse the frozen wasteland of Europe to find a new place to call home. The original film was a disaster story that centered on a mother and father and their young son running from certain doom as they tried to make their way to the safe zone in Greenland in an underground base where chosen citizens were allowed passage.  

The first movie went on to decent worldwide grosses despite the pandemic, making $52.5 million against a small $35 million budget in 26 foreign markets. It proved to be quite a hit when it also premiered as a exclusive U.S. run on  HBO MAX. 

Currently, the sequel is expected to shoot some time in 2022 under the STX production banner.