Tally-Hawk! Super7 Reveals their Silverhawks ULTIMATES Wave 1

Images courtesy Super7

Teased earlier in the week with an image of Tally-Hawk perched upon Quicksilver's arm, we now get a full reveal of this 7 inch scale first wave of Silverhawks ULTIMATES figures!

Quicksilver and Steelheart take point as the first heroes in this assortment, showing cartoon-accurate styling with swappable hands and portraits. Quicksilver comes with 2 versions of Tally-Hawk, one perched and one in flight, while Steelheart does the same with her companion, Rayzor. They both have arms that are swappable for winged flight poses and laser effects parts. As for the villains, we're getting Buzz-Saw and Mon*Star. Buzz-Saw cuts a blocky silhouette with his bright yellow color-scheme while still looking absolutely like he wouldn't have any other name. With 3 heads and 4 hands, there's plenty of options to pose this brute. He comes with an additional blaster and arm cannon, 2 pull handles, and his robotic bird buddy Shredator.

Finally, clocking in at 11 inches, Mon*Star towers over the rest with enough accessories to make the price worth it. Starting off with 2 heads and 10 interchangeable hands, he also has 2 elbow lasers and 2 elbow boosters, a laser eye effect, and Laser Star. A blaster rifle and, of course, bird sidekick Sky Shadow round out his accessories. As for the packaging, only digital mock ups have been shown but they look straight-forward and sleek.

As of June 10, preorders are live until July 9 for the first wave of Silverhawks action figures on Super7's website. Quicksilver, Steelheart, and Buzz-Saw are priced at $55 USD each while Mon*Star is $85 USD. They're expected to arrive Spring of 2022 like a rainbow in the night!