The Joke's On Us...Again: Joker Sequel Will Release For Halloween 2024

Image courtesy WB
While DC and movie fans are still toiling over WB's decision to pull the plug on their Batgirl movie and numerous other upcoming titles, the sequel to 2019's hit Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix is moving full steam ahead. The part two that is tentatively titled Joker: Folie a Deux has the go ahead from the studio execs and will see Phoenix return to the role that will now move into musical territory. Many will argue that the film needs no sequel and stands as its own one off story. But, knowing how studios like money, it's no shock that they're going to milk this for all its worth, even as they abandon a $90 million project for a tax write off. 

It's been revealed today that the second Joker movie will now see a Halloween 2024 release date and is rumored to feature Lady Gaga as an alternative version of Harley Quinn. Todd Philips and Scott Silver are currently writing the sequel with Philips once again attached to direct. 

The 2019 Joker film went on to grossed over $1 billion in revenue and garnered two wins at the Academy Awards.