We are sick and tired of reading movie reviews that give away every detail of a film before we have the pleasure of viewing it. 

At The Movie Sleuth, we will review movies strictly based on their creative merits and will never reveal the plot. We will review classic films, cult films, blu-ray releases, and movies that are currently in theaters without ever ruining the story for you. Our goal is to deliver tasteful reviews that are short and to the point. Every once in a while we'll treat you to a top 10 list or an essay on a film we feel went far too unnoticed by the public.

Yes, there are tons of movie review sites and blogs. However, we hope to add a truly new spin to the whole idea of critical media while never "spoiling" your entertainment.

Please enjoy your time spent with us as we are happy to share our assessment of all things film.

-webmaster and editor-
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