Cinematic Releases: Mirror Mirror

This latest incarnation of the classic Snow White story is a good family movie that ultimately falls flat. As a huge fan of Tarsem's other work, I was happy to take my family to see Mirror Mirror this past weekend while we spent the weekend in the northern part of the state. My 5 year old daughter loved it but my inner critic was cringing throughout.

While Mirror Mirror satisfied my daughter's desire for all things princess, the movie lacked the charm of the excellent live action princess movie, Enchanted. Tarsem's signature style could be found all over this movie but it felt out of place and a bit much at times. I respect the man as a film maker and artist but didn't really understand his choices with this one.

Altogether, the acting was fair and there were some funny scenes. The story was a bit boring and not imaginative enough. It just wasn't enough to carry a retelling of a classic story. I would have much rather watched a sequel to the hilarious Enchanted. Better luck next time, Tarsem.

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