Reviews: How To Beat A Bully

How To Beat A Bully is released on April 5th. Check out our early review. 

Little do you know, this gun
is filled with urine. 
How to Beat a Bully is a kid’s movie, pure and simple.  It is a kid’s movie with a great message that is communicated through the cheer and cheese you would expect from a feel good kid's comedy.  You know what though?  I had a riot with this flick!  I probably would not have given it a second glance normally, because I am not like, 12.  But, being forced by gunpoint to review it by my boss made me glad he did.

Guess what subject How to Beat a Bully deals with?  Yes Brainiac. Bullying.  We know that this is a hot subject with children today and How to Beat a Bully elaborates on ideas and plans on how to deal with a bully. The message is clear but the reality of the particular story is so far out into left field, it is laughable.  I think if writers Marilyn Anderson and Richard Rossner wanted to really get a message across about bullying, they would have pronounced this idea more in the plot instead of drenching all of the dialogue with cheesy predictable banter between the characters.  Mind you, that is just an opinion.  I am not basing my official rating of this movie on that.

Regardless of my opinion, How to Beat a Bully is a giggling romp between two opposite worlds.  The world of innocence and wonder versus the world of guilt and paranoia.  The juxtaposition of the two worlds colliding has hilarious results and I found myself laughing out loud several times through the films ninety minute running time.  Grant McLellan playing ‘Cory’ reminded me of Michael Oliver in his Problem Child era in appearance and delivery, but not a tenth as evil.

How to Beat a Bully comfortably moves along to its apex and all makes sense in the end.  The pace is smooth, as to be expected to a movie whose core demographic are pre-teens.  If you want a fun movie for your kid to watch to keep them off your back for 90 minutes, How to Beat a Bully is the movie for you.  Do not expect  for this film to teach your kids about bullying and how to truly cope with it as the film bills itself to.

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-Scott Lambert